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Product Description

First 2 Participants completing the challenge within 2 weeks will get Cash Reward/Goodies and Offer Vouchers.

How it Works?

  • Join the challenge, Install Nike Run Club app (android and iOS) to track your runs.
  • As soon as we receive your participation, we will send you a friend request within 2 hours. You can also send us a friend request at [email protected] to make it quick and easy.
  • As soon as we are friends on NRC, you'll receive a challenge. Choose the day, time, place (indoors or outdoors) and the distance you want to complete as per your need.
  • First 2 participants to complete the challenge will be chosen as the winner 🏆 and will receive Cash Prize/Goodies and Offer Vouchers.

Product Highlights

  • Cash Reward/Goodies and Offer Vouchers.
  • A Challenge Conqueror Certificate
  • 10% off on all future Escape Stories' treks and activities

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