An adventure of 13 days with varying terrain of Himachal to beautiful villages of Leh. From crossing one of the highest motorable roads in the world to experiencing never-ending down-hills. This route has it all.


Your Itinerary



Day 0: Delhi to Manali

  • Today we start our journey from Delhi to Manali by catching the bus from Kashmiri Gate ISBT in the evening.
  • The bus journey will be of around 15 hours with one stop for dinner.
  • In the morning around 9:00 am, we will be in Manali

Day 1: Arrival in Manali

Destination Altitude: 2050m

  • Once we reach Manali, we will hope on our cycles and ride to our hotel. This will be our first experience of riding on elevation with all the weight that we bought with us.
  • On this day, we will explore the local market and try to get used to the altitude which will help us in our journey.

Day 2: Stay in Manali for acclimatization

  • Today we will go for a short trek to get used to the altitude. This is very important as our body needs to adjust to the atmosphere and working out at altitude.
  • We will be back by afternoon, then we will have our lunch and will relax for the rest of the day.
  • In the evening, we will pack our bags and get our cycles ready for the next day.

Day 3: Manali to Marhi

Destination Altitude: 3350m

  • After a good breakfast, we will start the first day of cycling from Manali.
  • Today we will cover a distance of 35kms. The route is good and scenic and you will see plenty of people on this day as a lot of people use this route.
  • The first day will be challenging as your body is not yet used to the climb. So do not worry if you feel tired. This is completely normal and is expected. Just keep yourself hydrated and keep pedaling.
  • We will have our lunch on the way.
  • By late afternoon, we will reach our first campsite in Marhi.

Day 4: Marhi to Sissu via Rohtang pass

Destination Altitude: 3980m

  • Today we will climb the first pass of the trip i.e Rohtang Pass. It will be a gradual climb of 16kms.
  • The climb is less as compared to the previous day and your body would have got used to the altitude. Hence you will not have much difficulty in today's climb.
  • After a quick photo session at the top, we will start riding downwards towards Sissu. This will be your first of many downhills of the trip.
  • Today we will camp near a lake surrounded by mountains and a waterfall.

Day 5: Sissu to Jispa

Destination Altitude: 3200m

  • For the first 10 km, the route today will be a mix of elevation and downhills. After which there will be downhill of approx 10km which will end at Tandi.
  • From here the climb starts till Keylong and then a pleasant mix of uphills and downhills till Jispa.
  • We will reach Jispa by late afternoon and then we will take set up our tents to rest for the day.
  • This will be the last day when you will have mobile networks. From here onwards till Leh you will not have mobile connectivity. Hence it will be a good time to call your family and update them about your well-being.

Day 6: Jispa to Zing-zing bar

Destination Altitude: 4250m

  • This will be a scenic and gradual climb day. We will be crossing Suraj Tal and several water crossings today.
  • We will start early as with rising in temperature the level of water crossing also rises.

Day 7: Zing-zing bar to Sarchu via Baralachla Pass

Destination Altitude: 4200m

  • Time to cross the second pass of the trip i.e Baralachla Pass. The elevation is gradual so it will be quite easy for us to climb the pass.
  • The downhill from Baralachla is mostly off-road so we need to be careful while comig down.
  • This will be one of the enjoyable moments of the trip.
  • Upon reaching Sarchu, we will set our tents for today.

Day 8: Sarchu to Pang via Gata loops, Nakeela and Lachungla

Destination Altitude: 4600m

  • This is going to be a challenging day as we will be crossing the Gata loops which consist of 21 loops of continuous climb and two passes.
  • There is no need to worry though, just keep on pedaling with a steady rhythm and before you know it we will have reached Pang.

Day 9: Pang to Rumtse via more plains and Taglangla Pass

Destination Altitude: 4250m

  • Today will be both challenging and the most rewarding day for us as we will be climbing the second highest pass of the trip followed by a continuous downhill of almost 50 km.
  • On the downhill, we will be passing the picturesque villages of Leh which will seem like straight out of a movie.

Day 10: Rumtse to Leh

Destination Altitude: 3500m

  • This will be an almost straight road of around 50kms with mostly small villages and military area in between.
  • By afternoon, we will reach Leh.

Day 11: Leh to Khardungla and back to Leh

  • The last climb of the trip.
  • This will be the last and the most fulfilling day of the trip as we will be climbing one of the highest motorable roads in the world.
  • Today we will start early and without our luggage. We will leave the luggage at our hotel in Leh.
  • After a brief photo shoot at the top, enjoy the downhill as the reward for all the efforts.

Day 12: Back to home

  • Today we will catch the early morning bus back to Delhi. Or if you wish you can come back by flight. Both the options are available.


Basic Essentials 

  • Backpack & Rain Cover (40-50 liter)
  • Day Pack & Rain Cover (10 liters)
  • 2 -3 water bottles (Avoid Bisleri Bottles)
  • Shoes (Waterproof shoes are recommended)
  • Torch (With extra batteries)
  • Glucose, Chocolates, biscuits, and nuts
  • Personal Medical kit (If you required)
  • Original ID Card

Clothing Essentials

  • Trek Pants, carry quick-dry pants – 2 Nos. (Avoid Jeans, Shorts, Capri, Fitting Denims)
  • T-shirts – 4 Nos. ( Full Sleeves recommended, if carrying half Sleeves, carry arm sleeves)
  • Cycling jersey– 2 Nos.
  • Cycling jersey (warm)– 1
  • Thermal Wear – 1 pair
  • Gloves – 1 pair (Waterproof gloves are recommended)
  • Socks – 2 pair
  • Raincoat ( highly recommended)– 1.
  • Handkerchief/towels – 1.
  • Slippers – 1 Nos.

Protect Your Head

  • Cycling sunglasses – 1 Nos.
  • Caps – 2 Nos. (1 Sun Cap, 1 Woolen Cap)
  • Bandana – 1 Nos.

Cycling spare parts

  • 2 Spare tubes
  • 1 spare tire
  • Puncture kit
  • Extra chain

Personal Utilities

  • Sunscreen Cream
  • Body Lotion
  • Lip Balm
  • Sanitizer
  • Cameras
  • Toilet Paper & Wipes
  • Toothbrush & Paste
  • Quick Dry Towel
  • Books (If you like reading)


  • Height: 17,582ft
  • Duration : 13 Days
  • Cycling Distance- 540 km
  • Difficulty Level- Moderate-Difficult
  • Start Point- Delhi End Point- Delhi

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