(1) Choose a distance according to your fitness goals and complete it in the given duration of the event. 

(2) Record your activity in any fitness app (Strava Recommended)


Things to Remember


(1) The duration of the event is 1st May- 31st May. You need to complete your chosen distance within this time period to successfully complete the challenge.

(2) Submitting the data:

  • Data of Strava users will be taken automatically from Strava app.
  • For those not using Strava app, a link will be shared to upload the data manually.

(3) In a day, a maximum of 2 activities are accepted. More than 2 activities wont be counted..

(4) There's no daily minimum requirement. If you want you can complete your chosen distance only doing it on weekends or thrice or twice a week. It's all up to you. As long as you complete the distance in the duration of the event i.e. 1st May- 31st May. 

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