Challenge Highlights

One Day Event

Use any fitness app to record the activity

Virtual pan India challenge: Participate from anywhere 

Run anytime or any day in April to complete the challenge.

Terms of the challenge


  • Medal and E-certificate will be given to those who successfully complete the challenge. 
  • Participants are eligible for the t-shirt as soon as they register for the t-shirt category and will receive the t-shirt even if fail to complete the challenge.
  • Medal and t-shirt will be sent by courier within 15-20 days of submission of the data. 
  • This is a virtual event and is open to all the residents of India.
  • For any query, you can contact us via mail at or call or WhatsApp at @8076388960. 
  • Follow us on Instagram for daily updates, and for upcoming events.


Q: How many time do I have to run my chosen distance?

A: In April, you just need to run your chosen distance once and submit the screenshot to complete the challenge.

Q: Can I run any day to complete the challenge?

A: Yes, Out of the 30 days in April you can run your chosen distance on any 1 day to complete the challenge.

Q: Is it necessary to submit the screenshot of the activity?

A: Yes, it is mandatory to submit the screenshot of the activity to successfully complete the challenge. 

Q: When will I receive the medals and T-shirts of the event?

A: Medal and t-shirt will be sent via courier at the address given at the time of the registration. And it will be delivered within 15-20 of data submission.

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